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Dr. Karen O'Reilly
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"I had continuous severe migraines and digestive problems back in 2001. After my 4th session with Dr. O’Reilly, the headaches disappeared and I was able to digest whatever I gave to my body, of course, in symbiosis with what my body choose and when I listen to my body. The treatments from Dr. O’Reilly did not consist of numerous supplements but working with me so I could experience myself. At the end of 2008, I had a new health challenge. By 2009, I have little or no pain. I am in gratitude as I am not the disease but a being that is choosing health without drama and trauma. Dr. Karen O’Reilly has been my coach since 2001. I have received myself through her mentoring. I have such gratitude for her. As much, as I invest in regular appointments so I am tuned up for what ever challenges take place in my life. Dr. O’Reilly is a caring and wonderful person who is fully engaged in working with you and allowing you to choose for you. As a present to you, do visit Dr. O’Reilly and you will experience you in a new way, with great joy and gratitude."


  • "It is so healing to see a doctor who is actually healing and not re-traumatizing, who is female, knows what she is doing, is kind and loving, where I am not too much, where I can bring whatever is truly going on and you evolve it, alchemize It, bridging heart and mind and soul, giving just the time and attention that is needed, holding that container, giving practical steps, listening, taking the time and not getting overwhelmed, rather meeting what is with radical presence and love."
  • "Meeting Dr O’Reilly is an amazing gift that is allowing me and my body to be more of whom we are every day. I’m much more conscious of my body, my life, with more possibilities. The shifts are phenomenal. I get that I’m the one choosing and Dr O’Reilly is there to facilitate that. There’s no judgment just infinite possibilities working with Dr. O’Reilly. She can support you wherever you choose to go; whatever that is for you. My gratitude for Dr O’Reilly in infinite! Thank you."
  • "I came in feeling contracted mentally, emotionally and physically. The session was awesome, magical, gentle, sweet, expansive, juicy, joyous, transformational. I am so grateful for someone who gently invites/ allows/ facilitates me to let go of the polarity of contraction/ resistance to consciousness and joy, and invites me into more of the aware, alive me! I can't tell you how delighted I am to be working with Dr. O’Reilly."
  • "The greatest asset of this office is that they are people who understand people and who keep delving into the human puzzle. I would refer anyone who wants a mind-body-spirit check-up."
  • "I've had the opportunity to be in the fabulous care of Dr. Karen O'Reilly for the better part of a decade. In my experience, Karen's passion and devotion for well being, her authentic and individualistic approach to therapy, coupled with her natural and outstanding capacity to facilitate health and true personal healing is what sets her apart from other practitioners . If you are truly interested in achieving and maintaining optimum wellbeing and balance, you can not be in better hands."


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